About Oral Medicine

ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT: The vision of our department is to become a unit for exemplary…


The vision of our department is to become a unit for exemplary education, patient care services and research in oro-facial diagnostic sciences including training for postgraduates in ultrasonography and CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography).

Department of oral medicine and radiology is all about diagnosing and formulating the treatment plan. With the aid of investigations especially with radiology including Intraoral Periapical radiographs, occlusal radiographs, Extra oral radiographs and with the use of advanced imaging like USG, CT and MRI.

We have the facility of advanced imaging like CBCT which helps in analysing and determining the extensions of the clinically diagnosed pathologies thus enabling the interdisciplinary management of the lesions in addition to the dissemination of the knowledge to the post graduates regarding the radiographic interpretations by carrying out the case discussions involving the faculty of concerned departments.

Sailography is a regular procedure carried out at our department to evaluate salivary gland diseases.

We have a special section where diagnosis and medical management of premalignant lesions and conditions are done. We regularly educate the patients regarding the use of tobacco and the tobacco related products and their harmful effects .We screen the patients for oral cancer and basic investigative procedures like FNAC and biopsy. We also participate in oral health Camps.

Furthermore we have a special pain clinics and TMJ clinics where TMJ disorders and other facial pains, neuralgias are dealt with. We are able to carry out few palliative therapies as a part of the management of TMJ disorders such as TENS therapy(Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), Low level laser therapy.

We are also involved in the achievement of academic excellence in perview of undergraduates and post graduates by carrying out forum of activities in the department under the supervision of the faculty members and the head of the department which include elaborated case discussions, radiographic interpretations, regular update on the emerging advances in the diagnostic modalities for various oral mucosal diseases by carrying out the journal club meetings, monthly assesments through conducting examinations and also having an edge with the management protocols of certain diseases which we diagnose in our department by attending the surgeries undertaken in the department of oral and maxillofacial surgery. We also make the postgraduates to carry out certain clinical and radiological demonstrations to the undergraduate students along with the evaluation of their performance in the academic area and thus enabling them to upgrade their teaching capabilities simultaneously by meeting the patients needs. We also carry out some non-traumatic extractions, oral prophylaxis and some minimal invasive procedures for the geriatric patients under appropriate monitoring and guidance.

We update our knowledge in our field by attending national conferences, conventions, and CDE programmes .We also conduct CDE programs every three months, and conferences whenever we get an opportunity. We promote research programmes in our department, not only for PGs but also for the staff with joint collaboration with certain renowned research laboratories with the funding provided by the institution. Post graduate students are sent for peripheral higher centres like Gandhi medical college and MNJ cancer institute for upgrading their skills in diagnostic and therapeutics.