About Oral Pathology

Department of Oral Pathology The vision of the department is to be nationally recognized as…

Department of Oral Pathology

The vision of the department is to be nationally recognized as a centre for excellence for education, patient care, research and oro-facial diagnosis.

Overview :

The specialty of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology is concerned with diagnosis and study of the causes and effects of diseases affecting the oral and maxillofacial region. The oral and maxillofacial pathology program begins with an intensive, instructive curriculum that provides a broad understanding of the pathophysiology and behavior of disease and a strong theoretical background in the area of student’s research interests

Clinical Training :

Clinical training in oral and maxillofacial pathology includes two components: diagnostic histopathology and direct patient care. Students receive rigorous training in oral, head and neck, and general pathology to achieve competency in oral and maxillofacial pathology.

The goal of the advanced graduate oral and maxillofacial pathology program is to :

  • Provide the highest level of microscopy diagnostic skills utilizing, new technologies in immunohistochemistry and molecular studies
  • Diagnose and manage patients with mucosal disease and head and neck pain syndromes whose primary treatment modality is nonsurgical
  • Compete successfully for research grants from industry and other sponsoring institutions and
  • Excel as teachers and leaders in the specialty.

Uniqueness of the Department :

Our prime objective is to provide histopathological diagnosis through routine staining procedures. Additionally, we perform FNAC as a preliminary screening procedure, Exfoliative Cytology procedures for routine screening and also special staining procedures. We have a well equipped Immunohistochemisty lab to obtain a confirmative and amore specific diagnosis. We perform short studies in our speciality and also forensic odontology. Topic of the month discussion and use of photo-binocular microscope (Leica Co.) with which the photomicrographs of the stained histologic sections can be captured and stored for academic interest.

UG Training :

Our department is associated with I BDS and III BDS graduates in the subjects of Dental Anatomy, Oral histology & Oral physiology and Oral Pathology respectively. The students will be trained in carving the morphologies of both deciduous and permanent teeth in wax blocks. They will be familiarized in using the microscope precisely which henceforth will help them in better observation and interpretation of tissue structures seen under microscope. They will be constantly monitored in their activities and motivated timely to extract/attain the best out of them.

PG Training :

Our department has begun Post graduation training from the year 2007. Since then, we had an intake of three students every year. So far, 12 students have been graduated from our specialty. The course duration is for 3 years during which the students will be trained to excel in all the zones/areas of the subject.

Efforts towards PG training include :

  • The students are provided with an academic schedule for the entire course duration by the head of department which will be evaluated every month by all the staff members and also the head of department.
  • The students are provided with a personal light microscope (Luminous Co.) that can be used during the entire course duration.
  • Critical evaluation and subsequent interpretation of histopathological slides under the guidance of faculty members.
  • Seminar and journal club presentations with subsequent evaluation by the faculty.
  • Peripheral posting at MNJ INSTITUTE OF ONCOLOGY, RED HILLS, LAKDIKAPUL, for duration of 1 month.
  • Encouraged to attend all the Conferences, Conventions & Symposiums, both National & International, along with poster/paper presentations.
  • Will attend all the Zonal CDE programmes organized by various colleges of the concerned zone.
  • To improve research skills by encouraging them to conduct short studies and original research with appropriate guidance and funding from the department and college administration as well.
  • “Topic of the month” – A new programme where the topics selected for the specific month will be discussed with the PGs by the faculty members.
  • Posting in the histopathology lab where the students are trained at handling the biopsy specimen, fixation, grossing, processing steps and routine H&E staining.
  • Tissue specific staining using various Special stains will also be performed.