About Orthodontics

DEPARTMENT OF ORTHODONTICS The department has developed a low cost indigenous device to reduce the…


The department has developed a low cost indigenous device to reduce the treatment time which usually amounts to 2-3years. In our study which was conducted on ten patients we found a significant difference in overall treatment time. The results showed an approximate reduction of six to eight months in the duration of treatment. This is a landmark advance towards making orthodontic treatment patient friendly. Further research is required to refine the device and support to be able to supply the appliance to more patients.

The present diagnostic aids used are only confined to 2 dimensional assessment of the patient. The department intends to upgrade to CBCT technology for better diagnosis and treatment planning in 3 dimensional modes.

The department also wants to procure CAD-CAM technology for various applications in Orthodontics like surgical splint preparation, patient customized bracket system or aligner fabrication.

We would like to encourage post graduate students to take up more research oriented studies for the betterment of Orthodontics.

As the present system requires the patient records to be stored over a period of time it consumes a lot of space and manpower to maintain. We would like in future to digitize all the records which include patient case sheets, study models, photographs and radiographs. This would make the department paper free and also would make retrieval easy.

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that is concerned with facial growth, development of the dentition and occlusion, and with diagnosis, interception, and treatment of occlusal anomalies. The treatment modalities offered include removable appliances for minor tooth movement, myofunctional appliances, fixed appliances like pre-adjusted edgewise appliance, lingual braces, ceramic braces, mini implants for skeletal anchorage.

The Department of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics at Sri Sai College of Dental Surgery, Vikarabad has been actively engaged in offering undergraduate BDS course since 2000 and post-graduate MDS program since 2006 under NTR University of health sciences, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India.

The department is well equipped with modern dental chairs and armamentarium, full-fledged sterilization section, laboratory equipment like Vacuum Molding Unit, Electro Polishing Device, Hydro solder, Light Curing Units,Welders Etc. It has broadened its horizons by the latest Cephalometric software, which is used for patient records, diagnosis and treatment planning. The Cephalometric software (Onyx Ceph) motivates patients by treatment simulation.

Efficient faculty with their commitment to innovation and potential knowledge has given opportunities for undergraduate and post graduate students to excel themselves. It has a blend of highly qualified senior and experienced Professors along with enthusiastic and dynamic young teaching staff complementing each other.


Undergraduates and postgraduates benefit from a wide ranging educational pattern that includes workshops and seminars, publishing, clinical meetings, research methodsand integrated presentations. A series of research projects were conducted on mini implants, which is considered to be the best treatment modality for various malocclusions.

The dentofacial deformities are treated under the supervision of the orthognathic surgeon. Cases requiring multidisciplinary approach like multiple restorative procedures, prosthetic implants are also treated in the department.