About Pedodontics


The department of Pedodontics and Preventive dentistry of Sri Sai College of Dentistry, Vikarabad cater the dental needs of the children through adolescence. The core Philosophy of the department is to start good dental habits for a rural based children at a very young age, so that the child live a life free of dental problems. We understand better about dental needs of a child born in a village and also believe that child’s dental problem should never be a burden on the rural parent. We also do not discriminate on the financial status. We even adopted few rural schools around Vikarabad and provide comprehensive dental treatment for the schools.

The departments major interest is in non pharmacological behavior management of the children to deliver dental treatment for children who cannot cope up with fear of going to dentist. This Department is pioneer in the country in the use and propagation of Inhalation sedation for children during dental treatment. Practitioners and students from all over the country and overseas attend courses conducted by the department.

Pediatric dentistry at SSCDS is tough at both undergraduate and post graduate levels. Department run three year postgraduate program.

Apart from mainstream curriculum This Department conducts Certification Program in Nitrous Oxide Inhalation Sedation(NOIS) three times a year.