About Periodontics


Our aim is to impart knowledge and importance of dental and periodontal procedures to the local population especially rural.

For the periodontal fraternity we would like to publish news letter regarding latest advancements in periodontics so that they can be benefitted with that and can incorporate in daily routine practice.

Department of periodontics consists of good staff and post graduates who share mutual respect with each other, believes in the wellbeing and good functioning of the department. 


The department is well equipped with latest technology like halimeter, lasers, Florida probe, microsurgical kit, compound loupes etc. and follows strict sterilization principles.

Periodontics deals with various treatment procedures the most holy being scaling, apart from them curettage, flap surgery, regenerative periodontal surgeries incorporating tissue engineering principles, periodontal plastic surgeries including root coverage, papillary re-construction, gingival depigmentation, ridge augmentation, lip repositioning, frenectomy, vestibuloplasty, and laser treatments.

Faculty members always believe in carrying out new surgical techniques and new researches for benefit of the patients. They all upgrade knowledge through reading articles, journals and attending national and International conferences.

We aim at providing knowledge and importance of maintaining oral hygiene in the rural and urban population through various modalities like education programmes etc.