About Prosthodontics


The vision of our department is to rehabilitate all patients with prosthetic needs approaching the department with esthetical and functional dentition utilizing the available advanced technology and resources.

The department of prosthodontics is concerned with restoration and replacement of oral and contiguous extra oral structures with artificial prosthesis. Our department is having separate clinical and preclinical sections. Undergraduate students are trained in preclinical work according to the curriculum provided by DCI and NTR UNIVERSITY in the concerned preclinical laboratory. In the clinical section, all treatment procedures for the patients are carried out. The clinical section is divided into separate undergraduate and post graduate clinics with associated laboratory facilities. The department has experienced faculty who were well trained in the treatment procedures concerned with the department. The department is equipped with laboratory with advanced technology and equipment like CAD CAM SYSTEM, different all ceramic systems, latest denture processing systems like BPS, THERMOPRESS, VALPLAST etc., which are best in concerned specialty. Latest materials and equipment like dental lasers, dental implant systems were available with the department.


Services Provided

The department provides the following treatment services to the patients,

  1. Complete denture prosthesis
  2. Removable partial denture prosthesis
  3. Fixed partial denture prosthesis
  4. Maxillofacial prostheses
  5. Implant prostheses
  6. Diagnosis and management of TMJ disorders