About Public health Dentistry


Public Health Dentistry is an expert field in dentistry where oral health surveillance, policy development, community based dental disease prevention and dental health promotion and together with the other specialties bear the responsibility of assuring optimal oral health.

This specialty is involved in the assessment of dental health needs and improving the oro-dental health of population than individuals.

Commitment to the oral health of the people. Regular assessment of dental health needs and develop community based prevention and treatment programs and provide all these underprivileged whoare unable to access oral health care and make attempts to provide affordable dental care.
Improve oral/dental health awareness by continuous dental health education and by conducting research in improving the standards of care delivery systems.

Improving access to oral care is one of the major challenges facing dentistry, this is due to the shortage of dentists and their mal distribution which is more urban centric.

The people have given our profession the sight and the obligation to be the providers of oral health services for all persons. If we fail to live up to that obligation as a profession, we may well lose the trust of the people.