Anti Ragging

ANTI-RAGGING MEASURES TAKEN BY THE INSTITUTE Sri Sai College of Dental Surgery has Zero tolerance…


Sri Sai College of Dental Surgery has Zero tolerance to any dehumanising Act

The college takes very good care of first year B.D.S students which has made the campus free from ragging.

The preventive measures taken by the college include :

  • Students are always escorted by a team of faculty and security in Hostels and Campus from morning till evening.
  • Separate Hostel block is provided for I B.D.S students and seniors are not allowed to enter this hostel.
  • All amenities like play grounds, food outlets, services are provided inside the hostel so that students need not go out at all.
  • Since the institution has gained a lot of experience through more than 19 years of existence, the college is able to prevent instances of ragging in recent years. Minor issues are dealt with by conducting enquiries and suspending students for few days.
  • Banners have been put up with the cell numbers of the anti- ragging committee members both in the hostel & campus.
  • Controlled interaction between the freshers and seniors.
  • The senior students are counselled about the consequences of ragging.

The Superintendent of Police or his designated officials , Vikarabad addresses the students and extolled the senior students not to indulge in ragging and explaining the consequences and punishments for ragging.

The college adheres to the directives of the Dental council of India and the Hon Supreme Court of India’s guidelines for implementing a strict anti-ragging measures

The institute has constituted a committee consisting of the faculty members, hostels wardens and senior class representatives to keep a continuous watch and vigil over ragging so as to prevent its occurrence and recurrence, to promptly deal with the incidents of ragging brought to its notice award summarily punishing the guilty either by itself or by putting-forth its finding / recommendations / suggestions before the competent authority.



An anti-ragging committee and anti-ragging squads involving faculty members was formed to prevent ragging and keep continuous watch and vigil over ragging inside and outside the institution. They are advised to observe any indications of ragging in practical halls, hostels, mess etc.


  1. Brig. (Retd) Dr.Ramen Sinha, Principal & Chairman
  2. Dr.Ch.Sampath Reddy, Vice Principal and Vice Chairman
  3. Dr.Syed Afroz Ahmed, Vice Principal and Vice Chairman
  4. Dr.Shekar, Professor, Member  
  5. Dr.V.Deepti, Professor, Member
  6. Dr.Nagalaxmi, Professor, Member
  7. Dr.Abhinav T.N., Registrar
  8. Dr.U.Uday Kiran, Warden (Boys Hostel)
  9. Dr.Ketaki Joshi, Warden (Girls Hostel)
  10. Dhanya Mery Sam, Warden (Girls Hostel)


  1. Dr.Tulapati Varalakshmi Sravya, 3rd MDS
  2. Sara Mushtaq, 4th BDS
  3. Akash, 3rd BDS
  4. Divya Sekhani, 2nd BDS
  5. Dr.Bhongiri Sri Bhargavi, 2nd MDS
  6. Shusthi S Nagar, 4th BDS
  7. Mohammed Sohail Ahmed, 3rd BDS
  8. Mohammed Ziauddin, 2nd BDS


S.No. Name Designation Phone No. Email ID
1 Dr.Ch.sampath Reddy Chairman 9246371730
2 Dr.P.Krishnanjaneya Reddy Member 9849995613
3 Dr.C.Vani Member 9849995614
4 Dr.Abhinay Reddy Member 7893275585
5 Dr.K.Yadav Rao Member 9553164309
6 Dr.Shravan Kumar Member 9885687987
7 Dr.G.Naresh Member 9703848856
8 Dr.Sheetal Member 9032778540
9 Dr.Preeti Krishnan Member 9561074859
10 Dr.Prabhat Kumar Tiwari Member 9030683240
11 Mrs.Mona Member 8374583572

Ragging in any form in strictly prohibited within premises of College/ Departments / Hostels / Mess/ Campus / College Bus and any part of college as well as on public transport

Important contact numbers :

Dr.Ch.Sampath Reddy :

Dr.U.Uday Kiran :

Local Police Station :




Dr.Dhanya Mary Sam :

Dr.Abhinav T.N. :