Comprehensive Dental Care

COMPREHENSIVE DENTAL CARE This department was started with an aim to provide a complete range…


This department was started with an aim to provide a complete range of services under one roof. The main emphasis is on training the students to diagnose a range of diseases, plan a comprehensive treatment, and provide the full range of treatments under the guidance of specialists from all branches of dentistry.       

It is important to familiarize dental students with the skills of running a general dental practice, where they are expected to provide holistic care to the patient, and a training programme that incorporates all the specialist disciplines at one place rather than referring the patient from one speciality to the other. Once the undergraduate student is given responsibility of providing total dental care of the patient, he focuses himself as a general dentist and not on speciality specific treatment needs of the patient. At the same time patients also receive the best dental care at an affordable cost in minimum time.

This kind of a training can provide the students with the competence and knowledge that will enable them be a cut above the rest. The training involves authorizing one student the complete responsibility of one patient to him, for total dental care. After the student has assessed his oral cavity and planned the complete treatment under the guidance of various specialists, the treatment is provided to the patient in minimal time possible. The student is encouraged to take the help of postgraduate students for any complex procedures and ensure timely treatment ranging from restorative services to endodontic services to complete prosthetic rehabilitation. Thus, there is a patient who is satisfied with the best dental care possible and also a dentist who has enhanced his skills with a real time practical experience.