CURRICULUM ENRICHMENT While the curriculum provided by the DCI and the Dr.NTR University of Health…


While the curriculum provided by the DCI and the Dr.NTR University of Health Sciences is designed to ensure that the BDS student gets the best out of the institution in terms of theoretical and practical exposure, it is imperative for the institution to also contribute towards adding the latest concepts to the existing syllabus and showing real time applications of new devices and equipment.

Curriculum enrichment in the UG syllabus :

The department of conservative dentistry and endodontics interacts with the students from the second year onwards, starting with pre clinical conservative dentistry, and progressing to clinical postings in the next two years.

  1. For the second year students, a Clinical Orientation Programme (COP) has been created with the following objectives
    • a. to acquaint the students with the clinical scenario, and observe patients being treated, which shows them the importance of learning the skills in the pre-clinical lab.
    • b. To introduce the second year students to the concept of infection control, barrier protection, etc., so that they understand the importance of wearing protective attire like aprons, mouth masks, gloves and head caps.
  2. Preclinical demonstrations (second years) – done in groups of 10 students, with discussion of theoretical and practical aspects of the procedure. The demonstrations are done according to a prefixed schedule, adhering to the sequence of events.
  3. The following processes have been added for enhancing the curriculum for the third and final year students
    • “Training in Patient Interaction (TPI)” - Assisting the PG students during the OP checking, explaining treatment procedures to the patients - helps in the understanding of diagnostic procedures and increases confidence in patient interaction.
    • Participating in state and national level conferences and presenting papers and posters under the guidance of the staff.
    • “Live Learning” –
      • Using videos of various procedures to enhance student understanding and appreciation of various concepts. Some examples of videos that have been shown in theory as well as clinical sessions are
        1. Cavity preparation – class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 cavities
        2. Matrix band application
        3. Mixing of Glass Ionomer Cement
        4. Composite resin restorations – anterior teeth
        5. Composite resin restorations – posterior teeth
        6. Use of dual cure resin cement in luting crowns
        7. Isolation with rubber dam and other techniques
      • Attending demonstrations of equipment like the digital radiograph, the apex locators and the endodontic microscope after the respective theory classes have been taught.


Curriculum enrichment in the PG syllabus :

Post graduate curriculum is quite extensive as laid out by the DCI, however, we have identified a few key areas that need more focus.

  1. Bridging Course - for the post graduate students is conducted by the department of OMFS to train the students in administering IV and IM injection.
  2. The students are given training in BLS (Basic Life Support) to give them the ability to handle any emergency.
  3. Corporate dental practice – the post graduate students are sent on a one month posting on rotation to the college city centre at Langar Houz to
    • Expose them to the nuances of patient management in a corporate setting
    • Acquaint the students to the principles of practice management.
  4. CBCT Training – students are given training to operate the CBCT equipment and analyse the images obtained.
  5. Digital Lab Training – the students are required to attend a 3 day programme in the first year to observe, learn and operate the CAD-CAM equipment present at the city centre of the college.