Department Of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery


The department endeavour shall be to provide high quality educational programme and encourage the young minds who are members of the department to develop the capacity for free and objective enquiry, courage and integrity, awareness and sensitivity to needs and aspiration of our society.

We look forward to foster innovative ability for solving practical problem and have a deep understanding of the area of specialization and prepared to interact with multidisciplinary groups. The need is for holistic approach towards learning the art and at the end to provide succor to the ailing humanity.

In this semi-rural setup which is representation of the maximum of our nation, we shall develop a newer approach towards carving a new breed of oral & maxillofacial surgeons who will be able to stand up to the very best and be counted.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery department in this institution is concerned with various procedures ranging from extraction to correction of various facial deformities occurring due to trauma, pathologies, developmental defects and reconstruction of the craniofacial region. The treatment modalities offered include extraction (open/closed), minor surgical procedures involving hard & soft tissues like alveoloplasty, cyst encleation, frenectomy etc. and major surgical procedures involving open reduction and internal fixation(ORIF) of the fractured segments, Orthognathic surgeries, Temporomandibular joint surgery, Cleft lip & palate repair, Distraction osteogenesis.

The Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Sri Sai College of Dental Surgery, Vikarabad is been actively promoting modern dental education in specialty of oral & maxillofacial surgery. It is engaged in offering the undergraduate BDS course since 2000 and post-graduate MDS program since 2006 under NTR University of health sciences, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India.

The academic curriculum of the undergraduates includes presentation of the seminars on basic topics with emphasis on holistic approach to medical conditions and special.

Demonstrationsare given on various techniques of nerve blocks, use of elevators, transalveolar extraction, suturing and wiring techniques.

The internship program in the department necessitates the graduates to perform 50 extractions, assisting in arch bar placement, assisting transalveolar extaction procedures, perform intraoral suturing, attending and observing O.T and emergency ward.

The academic curriculum of the post graduates include preclinical work including suturing & wiring techniques, interpretation of plain radiographs, C.T scans, MRI with presentation of seminars & journal clubs in the department seminar hall. The post graduates are trained in specialty of causality, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, oncology in MNJ Cancer institute, Gandhi Medical College. The post graduates are also posted for ward duties in our attached Sri Sai Hospital & Research Centre which is equipped with 100 bedded general hospital, male & female wards, ICU complex with three functional operation theatres.

The interaction between the staff and the post graduates is informal includes discussion on major cases and minor cases, case preparation protocols, post-operative care in ward rounds, discussions on emergency procedures like tracheostomy etc.

The department is well equipped with modern dental chairs and armamentarium, U.G and P.G sections, full-fledged Sterilization section, Exodontia section, separate set of instruments for minor O.T and department, major O.T is equipped with U.V filter lights, special hands on training on handling various emergenciesin dental office. It has broadened its horizons by the Stryker, which is used for effective cutting of the osseous structures.

Undergraduates and postgraduates benefit from a wide ranging educational pattern that includes clinical meetings, research methods, integrated presentations with emphasis on holistic approach to medical conditions and special emphasis laid on medical emergencies as occurring in dental office. A series of departmental projects are conducted on various minor & major surgical procedures like efficacy of single dose antibiotics in 3rd molar surgery, comparison of the efficacy of Diclofenac and Etrocoxib as pain killers after surgical extraction of impacted 3rd molars, comparison of Tissue adhesive use over conventional sutures in the closure of intra oral wounds.

The post graduates are encouraged to attend the CDE programs conducted by various institutions under the guidance ofDr NTRUHS, Vijayawada. Attending the Mid-term and National conference (AOMSI) is mandatory for the post graduates and the quota of two posters and one paper presentation is a must.

The post graduates are trained in various areas of the major surgical cases includes facial trauma care, Orthognathic surgery, TMJ surgery, cleft lip and palate repair, pathologies of head and neck, facial deformity correction, special emphasis on Rhinoplasty under eminent professors in the field. The department of oral and maxillofacial surgery undertakes interdisciplinary work with other departments like Department of Orthodontics, Department of Pediatric & preventive dentistry. Cases requiring multidisciplinary approach like Obturators, prosthetic implants are also treated in the department.

The treatment charges are reduced for economically backward patients and it is very less when compared to the department’s investment. The department strives to offer effective service to the community by comprehensive exploration of various treatment modalities.

Pioneering work in rehabilitation of people with oro-facial defects and deformities and aspire to include emerging protocols that are generated in the fast growing field of oral and maxillofacial surgery.


  • Dr. (Brig) Ramen Sinha, B.Sc, MDS - FIBOMS Professor, Head, Vice Principal
  • Dr. Gosla Srinivas Reddy, M.B.B.S, MDS, Ph.D - FDSRCP Professor
  • Dr. Dushyanth Paul, MDS - Reader
  • Dr. Anmol Agarwal, MDS - Senior Lecturer
  • Dr. Vinay Samuel, MDS - Senior Lecturer
  • Dr. U. Uday Kiran, MDS - Senior Lecturer
  • Dr. David P. Tauro, MDS - FIBOMS, FDSRCS Professor
  • Dr. P. Srinivas Reddy, MDS - Professor
  • Dr. A.V.S.S. Subramanya Kumar MD - Reader - Anesthesiology
  • Dr. Prabhat K. Tiwari, MDS - Senior Lecturer
  • Dr. Gireesha Reddy, MDS - Senior Lecturer
  • Dr. B.V. Ramakrishna Reddy, MDS - Senior Lecturer
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  • Dr. (Brig) Ramen Sinha
    • Armed Forces Medical Research Committee Project 3440/2005
      A clinical evaluation of midface advancement using IO distraction device in management of bone deficiency.
      Principal Worker: Brig. Ramen Sinha DOC: 4 Feb2011
    • Armed Forces Medical Research Committee Project 3753/2007
      Evolving a surgico-prosthetic rehabilitation protocol for anchoring offacial prosthesis using Ti implant system in maxillofacial defects.
      Principal Worker: Brig (Retd) Ramen Sinha DOC; 10Feb2012
  • Dr. Gosla Srinivas Reddy
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  • AFMRC project 3440/2005
    • A clinical evaluation of midface advancement using IO distraction device in management of bone deficiency. Principal Worker:Brig. Ramen Sinha DOC:4 Feb2011
  • AFMRC project 3753/2007
    • Evolving a surgico-prosthetic rehabilitation protocol for anchoring of facial prosthesis using Ti implant system in maxillofacial defects. Principal Worker:Brig(Retd)Ramen Sinha DOC;10Feb2012

A Comparative Study Of Two Different Techniques For Complete Bilateral Cleft Lip Repair Using Two Dimensional Photographic Analysis Srinivasgosla Reddy, Rajgopal R. Reddy, Max J. Zinser, Likith V. Reddy, Anthony F.Markus, Stefaan J.Berge. Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery, 132(3):634-642, September 2013

  • Dr. (Brig) Ramen Sinha
    • Dr. Ramen Sinha: Rewarded Fellow of Indian Board of Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon (FIBOMS) on 4th December 2010 by Indian board of oral maxillofacial surgeons.
    • Second Best Paper at Armed Forces Medical Research Committee in MJAFI group in 2013 held at AFMC, PUNE.
    • Journal of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery: Official publication of the association of oral & maxillofacial surgeons of India (ISSN: 0972-8279)
    • Section Editors: Temporomandibular joint Surgery
    • Annals of maxillofacial surgery: Official publication of the academy of maxillofacial surgeons (ISSN: 2231-0746)
    • Editors: Cleft lip & Associated Craniofacial Anomalies
  • Dr. Srinivas Gosla Reddy
    • Post-doctoral fellows.
    • Journal of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery: Official publication of the association of oral & maxillofacial surgeons of India (ISSN: 0972-8279)
    • Section Editors: Cleft & Craniofacial Surgery
    • Annals of maxillofacial surgery: Official publication of the academy of maxillofacial surgeons (ISSN: 2231-0746)
    • Editors: Cleft lip & Associated Craniofacial Anomalies
  • Dr.N. Rangaiah - Role of Amoxycillin in Mandibular Third Molar Surgery: Prospective, Double Blind Randomized, Placebo – Controlled Clinical Study.
  • Dr. Sukumar Singh - Correction of Residual Facial Deformity in Temporomandibular Joint Ankylosis using Distraction Osteogenesis.
  • Dr. Shanmukha Reddy Kallam - Use of Locking Bone Plate and Screw System in the management of Mandibular Fracture.
  • Dr.Shivaji Raju Uddarraju - Evaluation of the Use of Buccal Fat Pad in Reconstruction of Intraoral Defects.
  • Dr. R. Vijaya Kumar - Evaluation of Conventional Preauricular Incision as a Surgical Approach for Temporomandibular Joint.
  • Dr.Geeta Sharma - Lag Screw Osteosynthesis in the management of Anterior Mandibular Fractures.
  • Dr.Mohammed Azher Mohiuddin - Evaluation of Gap Arthroplasty in the management of Temporomandibular Joint Ankylosis.
  • Dr. Balakasi Reddy  K - Outcome of Endodontic Treatment Single Visit Versus Two Visit – A One Year Clinical and Radiographic Evaluation – An In-vivo Study
  • Dr.Vaishnavi Devi Majeti - Intermaxillary Fixation Screws – An Alternative to Arch Bars.
  • Dr. Uppada Uday Kiran - Stability of Soft Tissue Changes Following Mandibular Advancement / Setback in Bilateral Sagittal Split Ramus Osteotomies.
  • Dr.Tahseen Ali Khan - Influence of the Bone Density on Implant Stability Parameters and Implant Success: A Retrospective Clinical Study.
  • Dr.Gireesha D - Evaluation of Risk of Perforation of the Mandibular Canal during Implant Placement using density and thickness parameters in CT Scans.
  • Dr. Uddav Rao Kanse - Efficacy of Methylprednisolone following the surgical extraction of impacted lower third molars.
  • Dr. Eswari Reddy - Management of Odontogenic infections in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
  • Dr. Neeti Rajagopalam - Clinico-radiological evaluation of Zygomatic Complex Fractures managed by multiple point fixations.
  • Dr. Yousuf Qureshi Mohd - Efficacy of 3-Dimensional Fixation over Miniplates Fixation in the management of Mandibular Parasymphysis Fracture.
  • Dr. U. Myra - Evaluation of efficacy of Open Reduction & Internal Fixation in treatment of Sub Condylar fractures.
  • Dr.Revanth Kumar S - Comparative evaluation of Conventional Miniplates, 3-Dimensional Miniplates and Lag Screws for Internal Fixation of Parasymphysis Fractures of Mandible.
  • Dr.Vadepally Ashwant Kumar - Versatility of Fiber optic Intubation over other techniques in restricted Mouth Opening.
  • Dr. Budharapu Abhishek - Clinical and Radiographic Evaluation of Hard and Soft Tissue changes following Genioplasty.
  • Dr. J. Pranavi - Evaluation of effectiveness Of Buccal Fat Pad as a Graft Material in Surgical Management of Oral Submucous Fibrosis.
  • Dr. V.K. Sasank - Evaluation of Dynamic Stability of TMJ region post condylar surgery.
  • Dr. P. Anisha - Evaluation of effectiveness of Lignocaine Hydrochloride visa-a-vise Bupivacaine And Lignocaine Hydrochloride combination, for regional anesthesia in dental Implant Surgery
Guest Lectures
  • CDE program on latest advances in management of cleft lip & palate.
  • Training the Trainers workshop by Dr Joseph Mcmanners MD, DMD, PhD, Dr. Khurshid f moss MD, DMD, Dr. Ian Mcvicar MD, and DMD.
  • Advances in management of Trauma one day workshop by Dr. Robert Gassner MD, DMD, PhD.
  • Comparison of surgical protocols in Asia comparison to European standards by Dr. A F Marcus MD.
  • Current trends in clinical teaching opportunities in dental education in USA by Dr. Bapanayya Penukonda.
  • Workshop on fat augmentation in hemifacial atrophy and zygomatic implants by Dr. Benito Ramosmedina, MD, DMD.
Participation of Students and Faculty in Extension Activities
  • Peripheral postings for Post graduates in Gandhi Medical College& MNJ Cancer Hospitals, Hyderabad.
  • Camps conducted creating awareness on Cleft lip and Palate.
  • Camps conducted for creating awareness on Oral precancerous conditions.
  • Camps conducted for creating awareness on Odontogenic infections.
Student Projects
  • Efficacy of Single Dose Antibiotics in 3rd Molar Surgery.
  • Comparison of the Efficacy of Diclofenac and Etrocoxib as Pain Killers after Surgical Extraction of Impacted 3rd Molars.
  • Comparison of Tissue Adhesives over Conventional Sutures in the Closure of Intra Oral Wounds.