Integrated Teaching

Integrated Teaching Program Overview  Students find the preclinical subjects drab and boring. One of the…

Integrated Teaching Program


Students find the preclinical subjects drab and boring. One of the main reason is the theoretical and fragmented manner in which they are taught by each preclinical department at different times, without any awareness of what is taught by other departments. This disjoined approach to the topic leads to unnecessary repetition , loss of valuable time and also creates confusion in the student’s mind.

In order to resolve this problem, we at Sri Sai College of Dental Surgery have brought about the concept of integrated subjects taught from 1st year to 4th year, so that 1st year students realize the purpose for which they are studying their preclinical subjects. In this technique a case will be selected. 1st year student will be given a presentation related to the case from the subject taught to him in 1st year , similarly with 2nd years, 3rd years and 4th years. 4th years will present the case and complete the procedure.

This will help the 1st year student to learn his subject in a three dimensional practical oriented manner. Students will enjoy learning the subject which will not only help to recollect it better, but will also prepare him to learn topics in the upcoming years.

Since, the presentations are presented by students themselves; they will also improve in their public speaking skills.

Integrated teaching will truthfully help in the professional and overall development of the student.


Integrated studies involve bringing together traditionally separate subjects so that students can grasp a more authentic understanding. Integrative Learning is a learning theory describing a movement toward integrated lessons helping students make connections across curricula. This higher education concept is distinct from the elementary and high school “integrated curriculum” movement. Successful integrated approaches to learning and teaching move students from where they are in terms of their understanding and build on this using real life examples to make learning engaging and relevant.

The Practice Principles are interrelated and designed to inform each other. They are categorised as Collaborative, Effective and Reflective:


  1. Family-centred practice
  2. Partnerships with professionals
  3. High expectations for every child


  1. Equity and diversity
  2. Respectful relationships and responsive engagement
  3. Integrated teaching and learning approaches
  4. Assessment for learning and development


  1. Reflective practice

Establishment :

The first integrated teaching in the college was started on 3rd  August 2013 with a team of seven Senior faculty from SSCDS to guide and discuss wide variety of clinical cases in the field of dentistry. The students from 1st BDS to 4th BDS were divided into 3 groups with students from each year forming the micro groups in that.   There are 400 students who are being trained extensively to deal with varies cases and also emergency medical conditions to make them stand as better doctors in the society till day.

Goals :

  • Inculcate the concept of integrated teaching in undergraduate curriculum.
  • To help the undergraduate students in improving the clinico pathological skills in their formative years.
  • To improve their diagnostic skills which will ultimately benefit the society as better clinicians and doctors will be produced.


When the program was initially started in 2013 out of the team of seven doctors, once or twice in a month senior faculty used to discuss varied clinical cases using power point presentation with the group of students in the auditorium. Students from all the 4 years were allowed to participate in the discussion and various practical management methods of cases were taught to them to make them stand as a better clinician.

After conducting such extensive program for a year further more step of making students present various cases was started in the year 2015. One student from each year were selected and under the guidance of various department faculty students were guide to make presentations and allowed to discuss the topic of the day in all aspects of the diagnostic, clinical and management of case. This method of intensive teaching was followed till august 2015.

With the feed backs received from students there was a need felt to divide the 1st , 2nd, 3rd , 4th yr students into 2 batches and again their students in each batch were divided into micro groups and they were posted in 8 departments and are  continued in the department respective for next 1 yr. On pre decided days a mass lecture will be delivered to One batch of students in relation to various topics to develop and make him/ her stand as better person in this society. The other batch students who are posted in the department one student from each year is selected and a clinical case will be shown and a chair side discussion regarding the case will be done with the him/her. The presenter will be asked to make power point on that case and a detailed discussion of that case with done with rest of the students. On the pre decided day in a month on every 1st and 3rd Saturday this program is being conducted. The batches will be switching the department and auditorium every alternative week. Currently this pattern is being followed in the college to teach the students.

Number of students attending Integrated teaching programme :