Mentor- Mentee

Mentor – mentee system Students at Sri Sai College of Dental Surgery, are mentored by…

Mentor - mentee system

Students at Sri Sai College of Dental Surgery, are mentored by various faculty members to provide academically sound and rewarding environment.

The institution considers student support as an essential and most important component of its functioning. In this regard, earnest efforts are made to ensure that the students progress and achieve their optimum potential by utilizing the various facilities provided to them, from their admission, to the level of placement counselling.

Students are guided by class room training and supplemental information  to prepare them mentally and physically  for job-oriented training and placement.

During their stay, students can avail support services like library, internet, hostel, , sports and canteen.

In addition, medical support is also provided. The facilities provided have attracted more students over the years. Also there is a marked improvement in student performance in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular aspects.

Mentoring System

  • A mentor will have a maximum of 6 students (MENTEES) allocated to him/her. The mentees will be attached to the same mentor for the entire course of study.
  • The mentors shall meet the mentees regularly and record the outcome of the meetings.
  • The details about each mentee will be recorded and periodically updated. The mentors also interact with course teachers and parents to facilitate effective mentoring.
  • cilitate effective mentoring.
  • The mentors shall update the mentee’s parents about the progress of the mentees. If a student violates the code of conduct, his/her mentor shall be a member in the Disciplinary Committee.

Aspects of Mentor’s Review of His / Her Mentees

  • Attendance
  • Academic matters
  • .The mentors shall meet the mentees regularly and record the outcome of the meetings.
  • The mentors shall also attend to the academic matters of mentees dealing with previous academic performance, internal assessment marks, university examination  results and Career coaching.
  • In the review meeting, immediately after the Internal Assessment tests and the results, the mentor shall appreciate the mentees who have performed well. The mentor shall interact with the mentees who have not done well or failed in the internals and advise them to improve their performance.
  • The mentor shall extend all possible assistance to improve the academic performance of the mentee. In both the cases mentioned above e-mail/post will be sent to the parents / guardians on the performance of their son / daughter / ward.
    Other areas of care:
  • The mentors shall also look into the following areas with regard to their mentees:
    Help in any financial problems like college and hostel fees
    Behavioural and discipline matters
    Physical health
    Co- curricular achievements

Care and Counselling

  • The mentor during the periodic review meeting shall counsel the students. The well behaved students shall be appreciated and others shall be properly cared for and counselled.
  • In cases where expert care and counselling is required, the mentor shall consult the resident counsellor and identify the counsellor/expert to whom the mentee should be referred.

Personality Development

  • The mentor shall encourage the mentee to develop and channelize his/her skills and talents through an appropriate forum or activity of the institution (fine arts, sports, workshops, conferences, etc.).
  • These are aimed at the overall development of the personality of the student so as to make him a complete person’.