Department of Microbiology

Faculty :

Mr. Akmal Hasan

  • M.Sc Medical Microbiology, Ph.D pursuing, Reader
  • 10 years teaching experience

Dr. Nisha Kumari

  • M.Sc Medical Microbiology, Ph.D, Sr. Lecturer
  • 2 years teaching experience

Department Note :

  • The Department has experienced teaching & Research faculty
  • Clinical Laboratory is well equipped according to the requirement of curriculum 
  • Department is providing the facilities to M.D.S students in their research oriented short studies and paper publications
  • Diagnosing and reporting Microbiological samples from Hospital


Curriculum aims to make student understand and practice various methods of sterilization and disinfection in dental clinics and to haven a sound understanding of various infectious diseases and lesions in the oral cavity.

Hands on practicals