Patients Rights and responsibilities

PATIENT RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES You are an honoured visitor to our institution .thank you for…


  1. You are an honoured visitor to our institution .thank you for your confidence and trust in coming to our hospital for treatment.
  2. We would like to inform you about the facilities available in this hospital, the fees structure, availability of consultants and should you have any complaints, how to air them.
  3. The treatment in the hospital is free except in few situations ,consultations, prescriptions and advice are free .The charges are minimal and they are usually made to cover the cost of disposables like gloves, syringes etc.,
  4. Please understand that this is essentially a teaching hospital and apart from regular doctors ,students and post graduate doctors also will be attending on you. This  is part of the training programme  but please be assured that whoever is treating you, is always  guided and is under the watchful eye of trained and senior doctor.
  5. Dental treatment involves procedures which have to be done in stages and this scheduling is known as appointment .please stick to the appointments.
  6. If you have any reason to be unhappy with regards to delay, unsatisfactory  service or inadequate attention, first  inform the senior doctor in the department and if not possible inform the PRO ( or write a complaint and put it in the complaint box.
  7. We welcome your feedback . it is the only way to know how we are handling our patients .We assure you, no vindictive action will be taken just because you have complained.
  8. While in the campus, please do not throw plastic wrappers and do not spit wherever  you feel like. Use the toilets provided for the patinets.