PG Training


This branch of dentistry is a unique speciality of dentistry that gives you an opportunity to learn beyond the four walls of the routine clinical environment. Apart from clinical work, no specialty in dentistry provides you an opportunity as public health dentistry, to serve the poor/underprivileged people and to be a competent researcher.

The main aim of our postgraduate curriculum is to train you in providing comprehensive dental care, conduct research on oral health care, implement various strategies for prevention of oral diseases and also provision of basic dental services at the outreach level.

Apart from training the student under various specialists for general dental practice the postgraduates are actively involved in various research activities. They plan and implement various research projects and are encouraged to publish their research work in reputed journals. Students are also provided with opportunities to undergo training for various certificate courses and actively attend various conferences, workshops and CDE programmes.

Outreach activities through the fully loaded mobile dental van, at remote villages, at the primary health centres and at the satellite clinics is another hallmark of this speciality.  Working at the Tobacco cessation clinic and participation in various campaigns to quit tobacco is also a major focus area for training of the postgraduate student.