The program outlines addresses both the knowledge needed in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and allied medical specialties in its scope. A minimum three years of formal training through a graded system of education as specified will equip the trainee with skill and knowledge at its completion to be able to practice basic oral and maxillofacial surgery competently and have the ability to intelligently pursue further apprenticeship towards advanced Maxillofacial surgery


Academic Clinical Programme (Applicable For All Three Years)

  • Seminars to be presented and attended once in a week
  • Journal clubs (departmental and interdepartmental) to be conducted once in fifteen days
  • Every candidate shall maintain a logbook to record his/hers work of participation in all activities such as journal clubs, seminars, CDE programs etc. this work shall be scrutinized and certified by the head of the departmental and head of the institution and presented to the university every year.

Year By Year Programme for post graduates

1st year MDS 

First term

  • Dissection, basic sciences, basic computer sciences, exodontia, seminars on basic topics, selection of dissertation topic, library assignment topic, attending O.T and ward rounds, preparation of synopsis and its submission within six months after admission to the university as per calendar of events

Second term (rotation and postings in other department)

  • Emergency – on rotation basis 1 month
  • General medicine – 2 months
  • General surgery – 2 months
  • Anaesthesia – 1 month
  • Examination of basic sciences – one paper of three hours duration to be conducted by the college/university

II year MDS

  • Minor oral surgery and higher surgical training
  • Submission of library assignment by the end of first term
  • Rotation and postings in other department
  • Oncology – 2 months
  • Opthalmology – 15 days
  • Neurology – 1 month
  • ENT – 1 month
  • Orthopaedic – 1 month
  • Radiology – 15 days
  • Plastic surgery – 1 month
  • Emergency – on rotation basis 2 months
  • Examination on minor oral surgical procedures – one paper of three hours duration to be Conducted.

III year MDS

  • Emergency – on rotation basis 2 months
  • Maxillofacial surgery, submission of dissertation in the first term, i.e. six months before the final examination to the university

  • Examination of three hours duration three months before the final examination to be conducted by the college.
  • To enter general surgical skills and operative procedures that are observed, assisted or performed in the log book.
  • Final examination at the end of the third year (Mock exam)