PG / UG Programs

About the programme, total PGs enrolled, PG avtivities UG Programme : The faculty trains the…

About the programme, total PGs enrolled, PG avtivities

UG Programme :

The faculty trains the undergraduate student in the subjects of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics as part of their B.D.S. curriculum. Upon graduation, the students are expected to be capable of assessing a patient’s general and oral health and of formulating a comprehensive treatment plan, which might include components from other dental disciplines.

The course will enable the student to acquire knowledge of the relevant clinical literature, to develop a scientific approach to solving problems. The course contains didactic, practical & clinical components, and taught to a high standard. The course will provide a foundation for successful clinical practice, or a stepping-stone toward an academic career.

PG Programme :

The department offers full time post- graduate study, which is specialized & beyond the scope of general practice, with emphasis on restoration of teeth to occlusal form & function, esthetic dentistry, full mouth rehabilitation, endodontic therapy & surgeries- The successful completion would lead to the award of the Master’s degree.

Every year 6 students are admitted to the postgraduate course. The Post Graduate training programme is of three year duration starting with pre-clinical work for 6 months where the students perform all the exercises on extracted and typhodont teeth, This is followed by their clinical posting where in they are given opportunity to handle all types of clinical conditions in the department and the use of various modern equipments. The postgraduate course involves case discussions, weekly journal club meetings, clinical-theoretical seminars, literature review, lectures and an independent research study which would lead to the submission of a dissertation to the university. In addition, the post graduate students are actively involved in the teaching of undergraduate students as well in active patient care. The research component of the course is also emphasized upon with participation and presentations in national as well as international conferences being mandatory.

  • Every week the PG students will present one seminar and attend one journal club.
  • Each PG student has to present one paper at National level (either specialty conference or IDA) and one poster at a PG convention
  • The PG student should fulfill the university requirements by submitting a dissertation.
  • Each student has to submit library dissertation to the department.