Welcome to Sri Sai College of Dental Surgery.

Started in the year 2001, our institute for dental education and research born out of a mission of bringing a most advanced dental health facility to a the rural area of Telangana. Since then the institute has significantly expanded to strengthen and support various research initiatives at both clinical and basic/translational levels yet serving primary goal of serving the rural folks.

At Sri Sai College of Dental Surgery, education is more than just our business, it’s our passion. We believe education advances everyone and everything, creating a continuous cycle of opportunity. It’s this passion for education that fuels everything we do and drives us to achieve success. Ever since inseption, we’ve evolved from a traditional under graduate college to one of the premier dental institute by adopting various innovative education methods, which attracts thousands of students across India.

We have done our mite in contributing to the pool of youth power by providing the right skill-sets and the environment to unleash their potential. We have made substantial investments to provide infrastructure matching global standards and also through various international workshops and training programmes.

Today, we continue to advance our role in dental education by maximising student success and institutional effectiveness. Our innovative training allow students to develop personalised academic and career plans based on their goals, interests, abilities and learning capabilities and help them stay on fore front.

The significant contribution made by the institution is the result of sustained and dedicated efforts of all the stakeholders, members of academic council, faculty, administrative staff, alumni and our beloved students.

Our pursuit of excellence always exists and we would proceed with vigour to scale unprecedented heights in academics. Our aim is to transcend beyond the narrow confines of academic education and embrace the contemporary dimensions of educating in totality. We are confident that our institution will set new benchmarks of performance in the years ahead.

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to explore and take advantage of the resources that we have to offer on the Institution website and in person.

Dr. P. Parthasarathi Reddy

Certificate Courses

  • Basic Implantology
  • Advanced Implantology
  • Laser Dentistry
  • Bleaching & Bonding
  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Rotary Endodontics
  • Dental Laminates
  • All Ceramic Restorations

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Editor in Chief
  • Dr. Nidhi Gupta
Associate Editors
  • Dr. (Brig.) Ramen Sinha
  • Dr. Srinivas Namineni
  • Dr. Gosla Srinivas Reddy
  • Dr. Jayaprakash Patil
  • Dr. Aiyangar
Chief Advisors
  • Dr. A. Jayakumar
  • Dr. P. Parthasaradhi Reddy
  • Dr. K. Mahendranadh Reddy
Editorial Advisory Board
  • Dr. (Brig.) N. K. Sahoo
  • Dr. (Col.) P. S. Menon
  • Dr. Shilpa Shetty
  • Dr. Shubhangi Mhaske
  • Dr. M. Shakeel Anjum
  • Dr. Syed Afroz Ahmed
  • Dr. Vijay Reddy
  • Dr. Mahadev Shastri
  • Dr. Satyabodh Guttal
  • Dr. Krishnanjaneya Reddy
  • Dr. Dushyanth Paul
  • Dr. Charu Suri
  • Dr. P. Jaya Krishna Babu
  • Dr. C. Vani
  • Dr. Sudhakar Reddy
  • Dr. Varun Pratap Singh
  • Dr. K. Srikanth
  • Dr. Rakesh Rao
  • Dr. Anmol Agarwal
  • Dr. Irram Abbas

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Student Testimonials

  • As a BiPC student with an aspiration to become a talented doctor I enrolled in Sri Sai College of Dental Surgery with huge expectations. As the days progressed, I felt Sri Sai provided me with the right platform that is very much conducive to achieve my goal with highly efficient experienced student friendly faculty and sophisticated infrastructure. Along with academics there also is a scope for extra curricular activites.
    - SUMA SRI. D (IV BDS)
  • Studying in Sri Sai has been exactly what i hoped for, educative and refreshing. The alluring campus hardly makes us feel like we are in an educational instituiton. A perfect mix of work and fun makes Sri Sai surpass any other institute.
  • Sri Sai has an amazing campus with a very student friendly faculty with a great passion for teaching. Here, we have a blend of sports, cultural activities, guest lectures and a well organized educational programme. Living on the campus for the last four years has made it a second home.
  • Sri Sai conducts symposiums and provides succint information with details of case studies to help the students better understand the subject of dentistry. Our college library is always equipped with the latest books and journals that helps us stay abreast of mordern techniques.
  • Sri Sai college has been the best part of my life. The campus and greenery around make students learn and work with a peace of mind. I feel blessed to be a part of the Sri Sai family.
  • The faculty of Sri Sai is magnificient. They are fun loving and their teaching helps simplify the complex subject of dentistry. Every year the management organizes a set of activities for the students.
  • Visions and goals are a part of everybodys life, but most of them end up at a wrong place unlike me. Its a privilege to be a part of this institution. Faculty of this college not only helped me to emerge as a better individual, for which i will always be obliged.
  • An outstanding academia with unparalleled professional training that has given me the strength to overcome my weakness.
  • For all the reasons you have chosen dentistry as your vocation- Sri Sai College Of Dental Surgery is the place to be. Here we learn from outstanding faculty whose skills meet their passion for the profession. If one believes that all education is not learnt in the classroom we have all around us a simulating background of nature.
  • My college is an inflection point of enlightment, creative energy and inspiration. My experience in Sri Sai has given me a chance to sharpen my skills in the field of my choice. Despite climatic conditions, the atmosphere around my campus is always warm and inviting. Its a home away from home.
    - BHAVANI. K (I BDS)
  • Our college is commited to the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of high quality teaching learning as well providing support to the students. The library is always stocked with the latest books and journals. The environment is very peaceful and the lecturers are very helpful.
    - NEHA. G (I BDS)
  • Sri Sai is aplace where minds meet dicourse and learn. Sri Sai creates an environment of academic freedom and helps the students come out with flying colours in the field of dentistry.
  • I'am a current internee, my four years in this college have truely been amazing, you leave with a greater understanding of your field. The faculty are friendly and helpful. You forge strong bonds with your peers and professors. Best thing about this college is the way they support the student participation in extra curricular activities. The settings of the campus are calm and peaceful and you always find a quiet spot to study and unwind. The campus is absolutely gorgeous.

Academic Courses

Jan 24
Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Duration of the course is 5 years

Jan 24
Master of Dental Surgery

Duration of the course is 3 years