Along with correcting your irregular teeth, completing treatment in as less time as possible is also an important concern with patients. Accelerated orthodontics includes treatment options that allows orthodontist to complete treatment faster. These techniques can be used with clear aligners and braces treatments.

Techniques for accelerated orthodontics

Surgical methods

Most common method, includes periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics (PAOO) and other less invasive options like piezocision and micro-osteoperforations. These will be done by Periodontist and can be done few weeks after start of orthodontic treatment with teeth aligners and/or with braces.

Physical methods

These are non-invasive methods, where mechanical stimulus is used to allow bone remodelling. They include vibratory stimuli, low level laser and low intensity ultrasound.

Pharmacologic methods

Many agents can be used to modulate orthodontic tooth movement like prostaglandin, vitamin D, parathyroid hormone etc.

Benefits of accelerated orthodontics

– Faster completion of treatment
– Visible changes in teeth alignment seen quickly
– Better stability of bone and teeth