What is laser dentistry?
The specialized branch of dentistry that deals with use of laser in various dental treatment procedures. The use of lasers in dentistry results in more efficient results, more comfortable for patients, quicker painless treatment and is available at SSCDS Dental Clinics at very affordable costs.
What is LASER?
It stands for “Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”
LASER is a machine connected to an electrical source that will provide energy into the medium in the machine, which is then increased multiple times and transmitted out as laser light through a fibreoptic beam towards the tissue concerned like teeth or gums. On contacting tissues, different actions can take place and that is how lasers can be used in dental therapy in various roles.
What are the different types of lasers?
There is different basis for classifying lasers. Depending on where we can use them, lasers can be categorized as:
Hard tissue lasers
These are generally used on hard tissues like teeth and bone. These include Er: YAG and Nd: YAG lasers.
Soft tissue lasers
These target soft tissues like gums, cheeks and other soft tissues. These include CO 2 and diode lasers.
Where can lasers be used in dentistry?
  • For fillings of teeth cavities
  • For tooth hypersensitivity
  • For disinfecting root canals in Laser assisted RCT
  • For treating gum infections through LANAP or Laser assisted flap surgery
  • For smile designing by gum depigmentation or gum contouring
  • For removing overgrowths on gums, tongue or other soft tissues in mouth
  • For plastic procedures like frenectomies
  • As low-level laser therapy for better wound healing, healing of ulcers
  • In power bleaching (tooth whitening) procedures
What are the benefits of lasers in dentistry?
  • Bloodless procedures
  • Less pain
  • Sterilization of the treatment area, allowing for faster healing
  • Can in some cases avoid blades and stitches
  • Avoids vibration and sound of drills, making patient more comfortable
  • Useful for medically compromised patients as it provides alternatives to surgery
What are the precautions to be taken during use of lasers?
  • Anybody in the room during use of laser should wear protective eyewear.
  • Excessive heating of tissues should be avoided by adjusting the power at which laser acts.
  • Avoid reflective surfaces in path of laser beam.
  • Electrical circuits should be checked for earthing and proper functioning.
At SSCDS Dental Clinics, patients can avail of this advanced dental technology to make treatments easy from a group of well-trained laser experts and that too, at very minimal costs