Align your Teeth with Invisible Braces / Clear Aligners

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What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with correction of irregular teeth using clear aligners, invisible braces, ceramic braces and many more. Orthodontist is a braces specialist who can straighten your irregular teeth, align jaws right and improve your appearance.
What is Orthodontics?
SSCDS Dental Clinics, is well equipped with modern dental chairs and armamentarium, full-fledged sterilization section, laboratory equipment like Vacuum Moulding Unit, Electro Polishing Device, Hydro solder, Welders etc. We also have access to advanced Cephalometric software which can help in diagnosis, treatment planning and motivation of patients by treatment simulation.

When to visit an orthodontist?

Improper positioning of upper and lower teeth which results in an unfavourable bite is one of the most common oral health problem and requires a visit to the orthodontist.

– Early or late loss of milk teeth
– Difficulty in chewing or biting
– Crowded, badly placed or blocked teeth
– Protruding teeth
– Spaces between teeth
– Facial asymmetry

What are the orthodontic treatment options?

A variety of treatment options exist, which will be decided by the orthodontist to deliver customized therapy to restore that perfect smile!!
ceramic braces

Types of Braces

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A very common treatment option, braces involve putting gentle pressure on teeth to move them into correct positions with brackets and wires.

Commonly used are metal braces which are low in cost, effective but are very noticeable. However, recent advances in this field have led to increasing popularity of invisible braces like ceramic brackets or lingual brackets.


Teeth Aligners

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It is observed that many patients, though conscious of their smiles, avoid orthodontic treatment finding it too awkward. Aligners are the best alternative here, which are removable and looks clear. Other benefits are no need to avoid any food items, no chance of painful mouth ulcers and can brush teeth easily..

Surgical orthodontics

Surgical orthodontics

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Also known as orthognathic surgery, it is the corrective jaw surgery to treat skeletal problems that affect looks or ability to chew or speak. They include braces and surgery to line your teeth and jaws.

Accelerated orthodontics

Nowadays, bringing teeth in correct position uses modern technology which can fasten up the treatment time. This technique allows to close gaps faster and so, reduces orthodontic treatment time.

Braces and teeth aligners cost in Vikarabad, Hyderabad

Come avail the most advanced orthodontic treatment choices for aligning your teeth and making your smile charming with minimal costs at SSCDS Dental Clinics.
Types of Braces Cost
Conventional metal braces Rs. 8,000
Conventional ceramic braces Rs. 20,000
Self ligating braces Rs. 20,000
Aligners Rs. 1500-2000 per set.