Dental Implants for missing teeth at low cost

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots, in the form of a screw, placed within the jaw bone. They are usually made of titanium or titanium alloys.

An implantologist is a dental implant specialist who is trained for implant placement and restoration. Implants are one of the most advanced dental treatment which are safe, long lasting and provide fixed solutions for missing teeth.

Dept of Implantology, SSCDS Dental Clinics, is equipped with state of art infrastructure, equipment’s, and materials to fulfil goal of world class treatment like implants within financial reach of rural area. CBCT technology, physiodispenser with reduction (1:20) handpieces, top quality implant systems (like NOBEL Biocare, Alpha Biocare, MIS Implant systems), centrifuge and RFA device are some of the modern facilities available.

Who can get dental implant?

Patients with one or more missing teeth with healthy oral tissues and adequate bone dimensions as per CBCT scanning, preferably non smokers are good candidates to get implants done.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

  • No need to grind adjacent teeth
  • Better stability which helps in increased comfort and chewing ability
  • Superior aesthetics, giving natural tooth like appearance
  • No restriction on foods to eat
  • Further bone loss is avoided
  • No need to remove dentures at night, so more comfortable for patients

Types of dental implants

Implants for Single tooth replacement

Generally done to replace one or few missing teeth. Single implant and multiple teeth implants are the simplest and most common way to use implants without sacrificing other teeth health. Plus, they maintain bone health and look like natural teeth.

Visit SSCDS Dental Clinics to get single or multiple implants at costs as low as Rs. 8000 per implant.

All -on- 4 Dental Implants

An ultramodern technique for replacing all teeth, and avoiding removable dentures. In this concept, 2 front implants are placed straight while the 2 back implants are angled at 45 degrees to avoid damage to anatomical structures and gain maximum bone stability.

The team of Implantologists at SSCDS Dental Clinics, is well versed with this technique for treating patients with complete loss of dentition and provide at affordable costs.

Zygomatic Dental Implants

Here, we use cheekbone to anchor the longer zygoma implants. This is suggested when patient have severe loss of upper jaw bone.

This is a very advanced and technique sensitive procedure but at SSCDS Dental Clinics, we have a team highly trained in such advanced options as well, provided to you at affordable costs.

Dental Implant supported overdentures

This is a denture that is seated on top of supporting structures like implants. Even 2 implants may be sufficient in some cases. Here, the dentures are removable (commonly called snap on dentures), but with implants, bone resorption is avoided.

With a high success rate with dental implants, superior quality materials and implant systems, top notch infrastructure and minimal costs starting from only Rs 8000 per implant, SSCDS Dental Clinics offer the best choice for fixed replacement of missing teeth at Vikarabad, only 60 kms from Hyderabad.