This is a removable denture to replace missing teeth, but instead of taking support from bone, they are attached to implants in the bone. There are different attachments by which the implant is secured to the denture. Generally, 2 to 4 implants per jaw may be utilized which is assessed as per clinical findings and CBCT findings.

When to give dental implant supported overdentures?

Completely edentulous jaws where fixed solution is not possible due to various reasons.
Benefits of dentures supported by dental implants:
  • Reduces jaw bone loss
  • More stable and retentive than regular removable dentures
  • Better chewing ability
  • Easier to maintain oral hygiene
Overall, when removable dentures are the only solution, dental implant supported overdentures are much superior than regular dentures and at SSCDS Dental Clinics, patients can get at low costs.