Single tooth Replacement with Dental Implants

Most preferred way to substitute single missing tooth with dental implants. It involves a single implant placement with crown fixed over it and no changes to neighbouring or opposing teeth.
They have benefits of near to natural tooth appearance, long life, cleansability like natural teeth and functions as strong as natural teeth.

Multiple teeth Replacement with Dental Implants / Implant supported bridges

When a row (3-4) of teeth is missing, we can place dental implants for multiple teeth as bridges for restoring them. Advantage over FPD is no grinding of healthy teeth and advantage over RPD is no need to remove them at night and no increase in bone loss, making them more comfortable and long lasting.

What is the procedure involved in missing tooth replacement?

With implants, there is a detailed protocol to be followed for better success.
  • Step 1: Thorough examination of oral health, dental condition, periodontal condition, careful assessment of medical history, CBCT scanning and guided planning.
  • Step 2: Implant placement of chosen dimensions, done in a sterile setting.
  • Step 3: Healing period, where we wait for good bone formation around implants.
  • Step 4: Crown fixation / Bridge fixation over implant which is custom made for every patient and shade matched.