Clear aligners are also called invisible braces, another type of orthodontic treatment that corrects crooked teeth. They are removable, virtually invisible, and an alternate option to braces that uses advanced 3D technology to help correct your smile.

How do clear aligners work?

Clear aligners are clear, thin, plastic-like trays, customized for every individual patient. The complete set of aligners are generated containing particular number of pairs of trays according to software results. The number of aligners needed to correct misaligned teeth varies based on the individual’s orthodontic problem and its correction.

Maintenance of clear aligners

Every pair of aligners are worn for 1-2 week at a time, and moves teeth gradually. Patients are responsible for putting in and removing their aligners. Patients must remove aligners for meals and when brushing/flossing.

Why choose Teeth Aligners?

These transparent aligners are painless, comfortable, can be removed while eating, can be carried along easily while on the go, also help to clean teeth better. They are specifically made or customized for every patient, making sure there is a good tight fit.

Aligners vs Braces

Clear Aligners Braces Treatment
Less noticeable, more discrete Very noticeable
Can be removed for special occasions Fixed on teeth
Fewer appointments needed More number of appointments needed
Have smooth surfaces that do not cause any ulcers or chafing to cheeks or lips. Can cause some discomfort initially to cheeks and lips.
Very easy to maintain hygiene by brushing and flossing. Can make hygiene practises like brushing and flossing difficult.
Can eat whatever we want. Restrictions are there on what we can eat.

Why choose SSCDS Dental Clinic?

– We have an inhouse lab with latest software to model the result and make the aligners.
– All parts of treatment will be under constant supervision of highly experienced and trained doctors.
– Most importantly, best treatment option available for you at lowest possible cost, starting from Rs. 1500 per set of aligners.