We have our own basic medical sciences department imparting sound basics to the students to provide thorough clinical understanding. We focus on holistic dentistry through comprehensive dental clinics that provide total dental care under one roof. Our postgraduates are trained with modern procedures on par with global dentistry trends. We also encourage research, publications and participation in national and international conferences.

We aim at providing best training to the students in academics, clinics, and research. Hence, we follow certain innovative tools in our teaching like:

  • NUCLEAR TEACHING: It is a distinct modality of teaching providing active learning. Learning in classroom is strengthened by nuclear teaching and learning. Our student to teacher ratio is 1:10. We instill critical thinking, mastering concepts and their applications through small group learning outside classrooms. chair side teaching a clinical situation ,recalling and recapturing after some time is a variant form of this learning process.
  • INTEGRATED TEACHING: This concept aims at integration of basic medical sciences to dental sciences from I BDS to IV BDS . Best Dental Treatment @Low Cost. We at Sri Sai College of Dental Surgery have brought about the concept of integrated subjects taught from 1st year to 4th year, so that 1st year students realize the purpose for which they are studying their preclinical subjects. In this technique a case will be selected. 1st year student will be given a presentation related to the case from the subject taught to him in 1st year , similarly with 2nd years, 3rd years and 4th years. 4th years will present the case and complete the procedure. This will help the 1st year student to learn his subject in a three dimensional practice oriented manner.
  • CLINICAL SIMULATION LABS: We also have a well-equipped simulation lab that enables the students to get hands on experience through manniquins, phantom heads and simulab suturing units which provides close to realistic clinical experience.
  • COMPREHENSIVE CLINICAL TRAINING: Our comprehensive dental clinics cater to patients complete dental care under one roof. We are the first in the state to commence this in a dental school. Students learn to manage a patient in every aspect as it would be in a private practice in these clinics.
  • INTER-DEPARTMENTAL CLINICAL MEETS: We conduct monthly clinical meets facilitating collaboration of various disciplines which brings diverse perspectives to clinical decision making thereby instilling sound clinical judgement skills.
  • MENTOR-MENTEE SYSTEM: Implementation of the mentoring systems provides a mentor to each student(mentee). The mentor regularly monitors his/her mentee and reviews his/her progress. They also provide personal counselling for mentees upliftment.
  • FEED BACK SYSTEM: We take lecture feedbacks randomly from BDS & MDS students. Interns and PG’S after finishing their course give us feedback on curriculum. All feedback forms -assessed by a committee members. Based on feedback , quality sustenance and quality enhancement measures are undertaken.
  • Various CDE programmes organized from Eminent nternational and national guest speakers who speak on global trends and recent advances.

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1-2-64/1&2, Kothrepally, opp. Shiv Sagar lake, Vikarabad, Telangana 501102

+91 9652 455600

Mon – Sat 9:00A.M. – 3:30P.M.

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Fostering global competencies among students.

8th & 9thMarch 2006


HIV and Dental Care – 2 day

Workshop conducted by

International Faculty

A.P.State AIDS Control

Society and the College 

2nd  May, 2007

Human participants protection for research team for certification by

Inst. Review Board for Ethics

Committee members

Dr. Ashish  Jain 

10th & 11th October 2008 

Workshop on Research


Dr. Nagesh 

25th  May  2012

Teaching strategies PBL 

Professor McGrath Colman

Jan 2013

Training the Trainers

Dr. Joseph  McManners


Dr.Khurshid Moose MD,DMD

Dr.Ian Mcvicar MD, DMD

10th  Feb 2007

Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic

Orthodontics,Resolution of Inflammation and



Prof. TE Van Dyke

Director, PG Studies, BUSDM, Boston 

Director, Clinical Research Centre  U.S.A 

10th Feb 2007

Management of Bony Deficient

Implant Sites, Microsurgery In Periodontal Plastic Surgery 


Prof Serge Dibart,

Director, Clinical Post Doctoral Studies, BUSD Boston

Professor, Forsyth SchooBoston U.S.A.

17th June, 2007. 

Induction into implant dentistry

Ira Scheter,Toronto. Canada 

29th July, 2007.

Basic Implantology and Lasers in dentistry 

Dr. Suchetan Pradhan India 

27th July 2007

Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment planning 

Dr.Joseph Verghese 

6th  August 2007

Cleft lip and Cleft palate 

Dr.Anne Marie Kjupe

7, 8th Nov 2007

Advanced Implant Procedures by 

Charles Babbush  U.S.A

10th & 11 April, 2008 

Facebow transfer, mock surgery and surgical splints for complicated orthognathic surgical cases 

Dr. Radhika Chigurupati,

Assoc. Professor, OMFS ,Boston University, USA 

22th Jan2008 

Lectures in Pediatric Dentistry 

Dr. Nigel King, Australia 

22th Feb,2008 

Stem cells and application in Dentistry 

Dr.Geeta(University of Hyderabad)

15th Feb 2008 


Nanotechnology – Guest lecture


22nd April, 2008

Grafting in Implant Dentistry


25thApril, 2008

Sinus Lift Procedures


30th  June 2008

HIV & Dentistry


13th Aug2008

3D Imaging in Dentistry-Current Trends and Perspective


16th Mar 2009 

Implant module – on periodontal regeneration 


3rd Sept 2013 

Frame work welding technique using Pulsed Technology under   10 X Microscope   Lampert Welding Unit


16th ,17th Jan 2014   


Implant fame work design from BioHPP material


13th May 2014 

Zygomatic Implants, Problems.Prosthetic concern


2nd , 9th Feb 2015

cleft and facial surgeries. Interaction,case  discussion with Graduate students and Faculty of OMFS dept