Department of periodontics deals with the health of gums and bone surrounding the teeth. The most common procedure associated with this department is scaling (cleaning of teeth) but the range extends so much more to include procedures like flap surgery, regenerative periodontal surgeries incorporating tissue engineering principles, periodontal plastic surgeries including root coverage, papillary re-construction, gingival depigmentation, ridge augmentation, vestibuloplasty and laser treatments which strive to maintain gum health and consequently prolonging the life of natural teeth. 

The department of Periodontics at SSCDS is well equipped with latest technology like halimeter, lasers, Florida probe, microsurgical kit, compound loupes etc. to provide best of treatments to patients and latest in training to the students.

periodontal procedures

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1-2-64/1&2, Kothrepally, opp. Shiv Sagar lake,
Vikarabad, Telangana 501102

+91 9652 455600

Mon – Sat  9:00A.M. – 3:30P.M.

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The department aims to provide best of gum health using newer surgical techniques and latest research for the benefit of the patients.

periodontal procedures