“Your future awaits you”

The college administration has put in considerable thought and effort in creating a peaceful yet vibrant face of the college. While the college is equipped with state of art infrastructure and well stocked libraries to enable an all-rounded dental education, we also boast of campus facilities to ensure holistic experiences for our students.
Come have a look at different aspects of our thriving campus and the lives our students have established in it.

➣ Ecofriendly & Serene Campus

SSCDS boasts of one of the biggest campuses of a dental school in the country spread over many acres including dental clinics, general hospital, staff quarters, hostels, mess, canteen, gym, expansive grounds to indulge in sports and other extracurricular activities making it a wholesome campus.

➣ Festival and Celebrations Galore

Nothing brings people together and fosters a sense of family as well as celebrating all festivals together and this is regularly followed in our college. Learning about new customs, celebrating them with enthusiasm, and sharing the joy of any festive occasion creates a jubilant atmosphere as well as foster strong bonds between students, staff and everyone in our campus.

➣ Other College & Campus Activities

A well-rounded education requires one to develop academic and vocational skills that can be applied in the real world outside of college and at SSCDS, we make extra efforts to ensure this kind of versatile development of our students is achieved. To this end, we have numerous cultural, sports and public speaking fests arranged in our college all through the year, giving students ample opportunities to express themselves.

➣ Harmonious & Homely Atmosphere

We aim to create a homely ambience for our students to allow better focus on academics, to develop their skills and to create cherished memories. For this purpose, utmost care is taken to providing students with nutritious sumptuous meals, with areas for recreating and relaxation and space for prayers / meditation to achieve a state of calmness.