“Your success is our success”

With the comprehensive education provided at SSCDS, we intend to make our students capable for many enticing opportunities ahead. Some of the future avenues available include pursual of higher education (MDS), clinical practise, jobs in clinical research, roles in administration/ management and towards courses for health policy & community practise.
Specialization – One of the most sought-after option is to proceed for Masters degree and enhance one’s knowledge with specialization in one of the 9 branches of dentistry. SSCDS with its experienced faculty and advanced infrastructure is quite the hub for Masters in dental education.
Clinical Practise – Based on the strong foundation attained with BDS and MDS, one can follow the path of clinical practise, putting your clinical skills to application in modern day practise. We also have a thriving multispeciality dental hospital – FMS Dental Hospital with multiple branches in Hyderabad and encourage our students to join us via in campus recruitments.
Government Dental Jobs – Another viable option are some state and central government job openings as well as enrolment in Armed Dental Corps.
Jobs in Clinical Research – There are many secure non clinical avenues in the field of clinical research, forensics, pharmacovigilance for which your education in dentistry serves as an asset.
Overseas opportunities – Another option to advance one’s career lies in practise as well as education abroad. Many of our students have succeeded in advancing their education abroad via MPH, MHA, Health Informatics which stands as a testament to the globally recognized standard of education we provide.