Since Pedodontist is responsible for dental care from birth right through till adolescence, preventive care is very important to keep mouth and teeth healthy & to keep problems at bay.
This involves combination of practices, habit modifications, counselling regarding diet and treatments that will prevent future tooth damage.

What are the treatment options?

1. Correction of habits like thumb sucking
2. Removal of milk teeth on time so adult teeth come in proper place
3. Serial extractions – involves sequential removal of milk teeth and some permanent teeth to bring remaining teeth of mixed dentition into favourable positions. Commonly, deciduous canines, deciduous first molars and last erupting first premolars is the sequence followed.
4. Correction of anterior and posterior cross bite – cross bite is when upper and lower teeth are in reverse relation. Some cases can be corrected in early life itself, to prevent jaws from getting reverse aligned in future. Correction can be done using some appliances like Z spring, Tongue blade, Catalan’s appliance, expansion appliance like quad helix.
5. Correction of open bite – this is a condition where there is no vertical overlap between upper and lower teeth. Many appliances can be given here like headgear, chincup as well as habit breaking ones like for thumb sucking, tongue thrusting etc.

What is the benefit of interceptive treatment?

There are many more such problems that can be corrected at younger age which can remove or reduce the severity of problem further in life and thus make next needed treatment much easier.
We have exclusive team dedicated to dental care of kids at all ages and stages and to meet all needs, that too at free or low costs.