Microscopic dentistry is a specialization where dental treatments are done under magnified view. This is achieved by use of microscope or operating loupes.
Microscopic practise has found applications in restorative dentistry, in RCT’s as well as in surgical procedures. Microscopic treatments require a lot of skill and practise to get used to. Microscopic dentistry comes with benefits of improved accuracy, precise view, magnified view of small areas helping to avoid missing out of small details.
Why Microscopic RCT?
Root canal treatments are one of the most common dental treatments needed and this field benefits a lot from microscopic treatment. In the field of endodontics, use of magnification helps to improve success rate, gives a detailed view of tooth anatomy and better visualization of anything else that can create problems in conventional treatment.
What are the benefits of microscopic endodontics?
  • Better visualization to detect even less infections
  • Lesser removal of healthy tooth structure
  • Accessory small canals, blocked canals, fractured instruments, minor cracks or tooth fractures are easier to notice under magnified view
  • Better negotiation of calcified canals
Overall, microscopic endodontics is much better for patients because precise and successful treatment can be done with less damage to other tooth structure.
At SSCDS Dental Clinics, we have more than one advanced technology microscops as well as operating loupes in multiple departments to provide the visiting patients with this facility at affordable costs.