Generally, people start thinking of orthodontic treatment to correct crooked or spaced or protruded teeth during teens. But there are procedures, if done, during childhood can prevent such mispositioning from developing. Usually, this requires combined decision making by pedodontist and orthodontist.


  • Reduced chances of tooth decay
  • Reduced gum problems in kids
  • Healthy environment for permanent teeth to erupt
  • Keeps space for adult teeth intact
  • Develops better maintenance habits for life

What treatments comes under preventive care?

Scaling (teeth cleaning)
A very common dental treatment in kids. Generally, kids don’t practise tooth cleaning by themselves, oral hygiene neglect can be very common. Routine cleaning of tartar build up on teeth by pedodontist will reduce chances of decay or gum problems later in life and also acquaint kids with dental clinics, reducing fear and treatment anxiety in them.
Pit & fissure sealants
Deep grooves on biting surfaces of upper and lower teeth can accumulate more food, leading to decay and tooth damage. In such cases, sealants can be used. They are clear resin materials, that seal deep grooves, create a hard barrier avoiding food food sticking onto teeth.
Fluoride application
Flouride is a natural mineral that helps to make teeth strong. It makes enamel layer resistant to easy damage and reduces possibility of tooth decay. Fluorides can be applied as a gel or foam in a tray or used as a varnish on teeth and this can ideally start even from age 1 year.