This involves treatment of decayed or damaged teeth to reduce pian, to prevent any infection from spreading deeper and restore function of teeth.

What are the treatments included?

1. Teeth fillings – For teeth with small cavities, filling can be done to build up tooth and eliminate the decay. Tooth coloured filling materials can be used for this like glass ionomer or composite.
2. Pulpectomy and Stainless Steel Crowns – For teeth with big and deep cavities, fillings will not be enough. In such cases, pulpectomy is done wherein the infected nerve is cleaned and sealed. For posterior teeth, pulpectomy is followed by crowns to keep teeth strong and in function.
3. Extractions – Few cases, with very severe damage may not be amenable to any restorative treatment and require tooth removal. This can be accompanied with a space maintainer device to maintain space until adult teeth are ready to erupt in mouth.
4. Treatment of fractured/ injured teeth – This is most commonly seen with front teeth, especially those which are more outwards. This part involves treatment of broken teeth, fixation of loosened/ shifted/avulsed teeth and treatment of injuries to lip, cheeks and tongue.

What are the benefits?

  • Restore damage caused to teeth
  • Protect remaining teeth and relieves pain
  • Restore aesthetic appearance
  • Helps kids to maintain hygiene better
  • Keeps space for developing adult teeth
  • Prevents infection from spreading to permanent teeth