RCT is the treatment performed when decay extends till nerve of tooth. This procedure involves removal of bacteria and infected pulp from inside the tooth roots, disinfection of canals to avoid more damage and finally sealing the canals to maintain a tight seal.
The treatment is painless, may require more than one sitting and can save tooth from getting extracted.

Who requires RCT?

  • Severe tooth pain due to deep cavity
  • Abscess and pus formation with tooth roots
  • Fractured teeth when fracture line extends till nerve.
  • Nonvital / discoloured teeth
  • Persistent sensitivity due to severe attrition of teeth.

Advances in RCT

Microscopic RCT
Here, high power magnification is used for precise root canal treatments. This advance makes sure that there is better visibility of tooth structures, helps to navigate around difficult anatomical areas, helps to not miss even a small accessory canal and thus, makes RCT more successful in outcome.
SSCDS Dental Clinics, are equipped with state of art microscope and magnifying loupes to provide advanced treatment in complex cases, still at affordable costs.

LASER assisted RCT

LASER technology can be used in RCT to clean away all bacteria present in the canals. So in this way, teeth with severe infections can also be saved and longevity improved.
Use of LASER in RCT has benefits of better disinfection with less damage to healthy tooth structure, faster healing, less pain and less chance of reinfection.
SSCDS Dental Clinics have multiple LASER machines to be used in such complex cases.


CBCT scanning provides a 3- dimensional view of the entire tooth structure. With this advanced imaging technology, guided RCT can be performed. This is especially useful for detecting extra canals, high resolution view of any complex anatomy of root canal system and can be customized as per every patient’s needs.
SSCDS Dental Clinics is provided with conventional and advances imaging techniques that can be used depending on individual patient requirements at minimal costs.