Scaling is a teeth cleaning procedure to remove plaque built up on tooth surfaces while Root planning involves smoothening of roots to ensure gums attach firmly.
Both of them are the most widespread gum treatments and also, the primary/first step treatment done for gum infections.

When to get Scaling & Root Planing done?

– Excessive tartar build up on teeth
– Bleeding from gums
– Bad breath
– Plaque build-up deeper that causes gums to loosen from teeth
– Swelling/ enlargement of gums

What are SRP benefits?

– Reduces infectious load
– Prevents gum problems from spreading deeper
– Gum conditioning is achieved before surgery, whenever indicated.
– Reduces bad breath

How is teeth scaling & root planing done?

Scaling is done with hand scalers as well as power driven instruments like ultrasonic scalers. Ultrasonic scalers involve vibrations on tooth surface to loosen the tartar, have a constant flow of water at high pressure and are especially useful when patients present with excessive stains. Root planning, is done with manual hand curettes to smoothen teeth leaving behind clean, glass like smooth root surfaces that are not infected.
Depending on amount of deposits present, SRP may require one or more visits to be completed.