This comprises of simpler procedures that can improve your smile. All of them focus on making one’s smile bright, straight and beautiful.

 Enamel Tooth Contouring

For very minute flaws on tooth surface, simple enamel surface contouring and reshaping can be done. This does not require any additive materials, is painless and can be completed in one visit itself. This procedure is only advocated for minor flaws and when tooth structure is healthy. If overdone, a common problem is tooth sensitivity.

Gum Recontouring treatment

Again, for small imperfections in your smile due to uneven gumline or slight bulging gums, gum reshaping or contouring can be done. They can be sculpted to give more symmetrical appearance of teeth, thereby making the smile pleasing. This procedure can be done by scalpel or laser, generally done by periodontist and done only on healthy gums.

Teeth whitening / Tooth whitening

Also called bleaching, this treatment brightens the tooth and can be done in office or with home use kits.
Teeth can accumulate two types of stains – extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic stains accumulate on the surface, usually due to foods and beverages one consumes. These can be easily removed by scaling. Intrinsic stains, however, stain from within, due to excess fluoride in water during development or some medications or injury. These stains do not go away with brushing or scaling and can require bleaching in some cases.
Bleaching can be done with light activated or chemical activated or laser activated systems. SSCDS Dental Clinics is equipped with light activated power system and chemical activated systems so that teeth/tooth whitening can be done at low costs starting from Rs. 4000 per session.

Gum depigmentation treatment

Sometimes, the hyperpigmented colour of gums can make the smile less appealing. In such situations, depigmentation of gums can be done to bring about pink bright gums.
Usually, hyperpigmentation occurs due to excess melanin pigmentation (which is physiologic) or sometimes due to some medical conditions (this is pathologic). Hence, a thorough medical history is necessary. For healthy gums, with thick gingival biotype, depigmentation can be performed, especially in anterior aesthetic zone.
Surgical and lasers are the two techniques done frequently for gum depigmentation treatment in Dept of Periodontics, SSCDS Dental Clinics, at minimal costs starting from Rs. 1000- 1500 per arch.