What is gum recession?

This refers to downward movement of gums on teeth or when gums pull away from teeth, exposing more of the tooth surface. Gum recession is a common dental problem, can lead to tooth sensitivity, poor aesthetics, and higher risk of tooth decay.

Why does Gum Recession happen?

  • Gum infections called Periodontitis
  • Trauma to gums
  • Improper brushing technique
  • Vigorous brushing force

How to treat gum recession?

Gum recession requires surgical treatment with soft tissue grafting and this is called root coverage treatments.
These soft tissue grafts include free gingival grafts and connective tissue grafts which are taken from roof of the mouth (palate). These have been established as standard and effective treatments for coverage of gum recessions. Plus, there are also pedicle grafts taken from adjacent gums to maintain good blood supply to graft and not from roof of mouth.
Other advanced treatment options for gum recession include Pinhole surgical technique, tunnelling techniques like VISTA, use of membranes in addition to increase gum thickness and volume.