This involves surgical treatment for removing impacted teeth from within jaw bones.

What is an impacted tooth?

Impacted tooth / teeth  are stuck in the jaw bone and are unable to come out into the oral cavity.
Commonly seen with wisdom teeth, impaction are also seen with other teeth like canines due
to inadequate space in the jaws.

Impacted teeth can be angled in different ways, which decides severity of problem and complexity of surgery.

When to remove impacted teeth?

  • Decayed wisdom teeth
  • Food lodgement and decay with neighbouring teeth
  • Recurrent pain
  • Swelling of gums
  • Pus formation in that area
  • Repeated cheek bites
  • Needed for orthodontic treatment
  • If impacted tooth in close to nerve or causing numbness in that area.

What to expect from dis-impaction surgery?

It is a painless procedure, generally done under local anesthesia. A small cut is given in gums to expose entire tooth and remove it. Any cystic tissue around is also curetted and cleaned. Sometimes,
the gums need to be stitched back to help in faster healing and reduce patient discomfort.

Detailed instructions will be given for post removal recovery. Some swelling and pain can be expected which is usually managed by medications. Soft diet is preferred and restricted smoking or alcohol intake.
SSCDS Dental Clinics is equipped with radiology section for advanced X-rays, sterile clinical sections and trained surgeons to provide you relief from impacted teeth at minimal costs.